A creative life means letting your imagination fly to bring about new realities that are often beyond the mind's ability to conceive right now. Whether you're taking your first art class, starting your own business or have decided to become a full-time artist, transitioning to a creative life requires the right support.

I didn't know I was creative.
Since cutting out paper flowers during first-grade art class was  extremely challenging for me, I naturally assumed that I wasn’t. But my subconscious insisted. I was always writing something or singing or coming up with some sort of business idea. All of a sudden in my adult life, I had an inexplicable urge to paint. I needed to write. And the more I engaged in creative activities, the more I needed them in my life.

At first it felt like breathing. Then it felt like flying.
Connecting with my own creativity has linked me with my inner essence, teaching me about myself and the world around me in ways I could never have imagined. After 17 years of working in the field of global marketing communications, I’ve chosen to dedicate my new life to the artistic projects I love and to help others unleash their own creativity.

Join me on my journey. It’s a fun place to play.   
My story.
Let yourself fly.
I offer workshops and coaching for those who are:
• Starting to explore their creative sides    
• Transitioning to creative careers    
• Making significant life changes
• Starting a new business    
• Artists interested in deepening their creative processes
• Committed to nurturing creativity within the workplace

We’re all creative beings.                        Reconnecting with that part of                ourselves unleashes unimaginable    joy and is easier than you think.
A few thoughts.

Nurturing your creative spirit                   requires honoring your intrinsic             need to create. Take a few minutes      to paint that picture you’ve been            thinking about, sing at the top of your    lungs (even if it’s just in the shower).
Surround yourself with the creative support you need—take a class, join a group, get an office space with other creatives.
Suspend all judgment of your creations. There’s a time for letting your creativity flow and there’s a time for applying a learned craft.
Transitioning to a creative life requires a shift in thinking, a new approach by which we’re willing to let go of existing beliefs that no longer serve us.

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