Where business and creativity meet, that's my world. For the past 17 years, I’ve created global brands and communications programs for high-tech companies in the US and Israel. As part of these programs, I developed creativity workshops, team-building games and annual events that helped corporate partners located around the globe come together quickly to
resolve issues, conceive
new products and improve
sales techniques.
• Founded Flying Motion Creative, an international marketing,        innovation and communications consultancy since 1998
• Created and managed Rittika, an online artist community            that sold handcrafts and encouraged creativity
• Interviewed artists from Israel, Cuba and the US
• Creative non-fiction, Stanford, Emory and Lesley Universities
• Abstract expressionism, Taos Institute of Art
• Experiential painting, drawing, mixed media, ceramics,                    filmmaking, Atlanta, San Francisco, DC, Israel
•  Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach & Facilitator Trainings
I grew up in a multi-cultural home, speaking Spanish with my Cuban mother and French father. Because of my love of language, travel and different cultures, I’ve lived and studied in Israel and France. Moving from city to city, across US coasts and between countries has given me a first-hand understanding of transition as it pertains to changing geographies. US cities I’ve lived in include San Francisco, Atlanta, D.C. and Miami.

What I love.
I am completely fascinated by the creative process. That magical thing that happens, inspiring ideas and then turning into a smooth creative flow onto the paper or canvas or whatever other medium is out there. I love the amazing art that occurs when we quiet our minds and let ourselves go—the point where creativity and spirituality meet. And I also love the mental part of the process, when we sit and work our craft. When we push ourselves hard to achieve the depths that makes art so interesting—making the world take a new look at where and what it is.
Education and study.
I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in international finance and marketing 20 years ago. And over these last 20 years, I’ve studied the creative process intently and in numerous ways. While I’ve taken many classes and experiential workshops, I've learned an
enormous amount from
exchanges with other artists
and by observing my
own process and life as they
evolve around each other.
International life.
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