Career-Life-Transition Coaching
Many of us choose to express our creativity in building successful marketing and sales careers. To help support sales and marketing professionals who are currently transitioning between positions or exploring new career opportunities, I’ve partnered with Beth Martin at Parker Blake Consulting. Beth specializes in career coaching, direct hire staffing and contract professional staffing for sales and marketing professionals across the US.

Beth and I have bundled our services to provide a cost-effective comprehensive coaching package that includes both life transition and career coaching services.

Career and Life Transition Coaching Package
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Creative life transition coaching helps individuals:
Special package pricing:
$1000 for eight coaching sessions, which include four life transition and four career coaching sessions. (a $300 discount)

Regular pricing:
Creative life transition and career coaching sessions can also be purchased separately.
Four sessions of creative life transition coaching: $650
Four sessions of career coaching: $650

For more information or to schedule a free introductory coaching session:
please email Rita Farin at or Beth Martin at

• Gain clarity around dreams and goals
• Move through issues that come up during times of transition – including                            procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, resistance and self-doubt
• Gently create positive shifts in thinking and new habits needed for success
• Learn how to use small steps and other simple tools to handle transition and change      effectively 
• Reignite creative passions, increasing motivation and confidence
Career coaching services provide:
• Resume assistance
• Interview preparation and coaching
• Business plan / career transition assessment
• Networking and introductions to companies
• Guidance on how to differentiate yourself in today’s market