Creative life coaching.
Living a full, joyous life means getting comfortable with change. Whether you’re handling changes in relationships, career or health or proactively moving towards a new life, receiving coaching support will help you stay centered. I help my clients tap into their inner strength and peace as the environment around them changes—enabling them to approach every challenge as a new exciting opportunity to create the life they’ve always wanted.
Transitioning to creative careers.
Transitioning to a creative career requires courage, faith and a new approach to life. You may be toying with the idea of becoming a full-time artist but have a lot of questions about whether it’s possible. Or you may have already made the commitment and discovered that this new way of life presents some new challenges. Creativity coaching will help you develop the foundation you need to thrive in your new life.
Whether you’re working on your first creative project or are an established artist, the nature of creativity makes us think differently. Ideas flow constantly. Inspiration drives us, while too much structure stifles the creative flow. Achieving the right balance to bring our projects to completion while enjoying the process can sometimes seem tricky. Creativity coaching helps artists and creatives further develop their processes, providing the support they need to deliver their creations to the world.
Coaching for small business.
The small business has specific needs that are different than the large enterprise—limited resources often restrict the small business from taking the time to conceptualize new product and service ideas, or to develop strong communications, marketing or business plans. Whether you’re starting up your first business or manage a small organization, coaching can help you discover your own creative solutions to grow your enterprise in cost-effective ways.
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Coaching for artists and creatives.
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