Growing up as the daughter of a French Resistance fighter and a Cuban mother, a first-generation-American woman tries to figure out where she belongs in the world. As she moves between cities and countries, she carries her unwieldy Sephardic Jewish roots and family legacies with her. I am Spam, Spam I am is a collection of essays that takes readers from the author’s humorous coming of age through dating, marriage and her transition to a spiritual and creative life, where she begins to make peace with who she is.
I am Spam, Spam I am
Non-fiction writing projects in development.
Outside the Sealed Room: On Transitioning to a Creative Life
Choosing to transition to a creative career requires courage, faith and a whole new way of approaching life. Outside the Sealed Room explores one woman’s discoveries as she transitions from a business career to a life as a creative writer—where deadlines, financial income and even daily social interaction are no longer givens and things that made her successful in the past no longer work. The book provides practical advice that helps readers navigate their own creative transitions, as they learn to let go of old beliefs and begin listening to inner guidance.
Rita’s recent visit to Cuba has inspired her to write a series of essays on the creative outlook of the country and its people. Essays in development include:
"Paradox Island: Conversations on Constraints, Courage and Creativity"
"Order in Chaos: From Electronics to Art"
"Mami was a City Girl"

On Cuba
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