“I’m in awe about how it all came together for me. I didn’t start off our coaching thinking that I would want to start my own yoga studio. But when I started gaining clarity about what I wanted, the right space showed up, and now the lease is being drawn up. I am finally honoring the entrepreneurial spirit that has been with me since childhood.”

—Serene, Svaroopa® yoga teacher and therapist, Tennessee
“Thank you Rita, I feel truly blessed to have attracted you into my life at this time. Our sessions have been very fruitful, and I feel a real shift in my energy since doing the coaching with you….I got the job!! And I have already done a great big watercolour for my new office. So I’m in the creative mode…. Dearest Rita, I was only thinking about you last night. Work is full on. I have my paintings hanging in the Centre where I work and have received lots of compliments and there may even be an order or two looming. So it is all connected really. I am sending you a copy of my flyer for my Yoga and Creativity workshop, which will take place in Fiji in November…”

—Amanda, Svaroopa® yoga teacher, artist and creativity workshop leader,                     Australia
“Thank you Rita for your great, inspirational work. You are great, your guided imageries are really powerful and I could not have accomplished all this without you.”

—Cindi, marketing executive transitioning to entrepreneur, Georgia
“I GOT THE GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So many great things are happening right now- I cannot even begin to share the joy and the excitement that I am experiencing in this right now- thank you for creating the space that allows me to experience these things more fully….I GOT THE OTHER GRANT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

—Anna, founder and executive director of a non-profit organization, Georgia
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“The biggest gift I received from our coaching was freedom. After our coaching, I felt like there were a thousand possibilities. Before that, I felt like there were none.”

—Max, graphic designer and writer, New York
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